In T&K, we firmly believe that innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Facilities in our air-conditioned workshop consist of 40+ injection molding machines of well-known brands, multi-functional manipulator arms, automatic equipment and automated delivery system. Each workshop is equipped with various monitoring systems to keep track of our equipment, mold and production environment in real-time, including monitoring systems for injection molding machines and molds, mold positioning system, product quality control system and paperless monitoring systems.

 SUMITOMO、KAWAGUCHI、NISSEI Horizontal injection molding machines, MULTI TECH  vertical injection molding machines、HAI TIAN Hai Tian Double injection molding machines, HARMO manipulator arms  YUSHIN manipulator arms

T&K has developed a mature production line, where processes are monitored and controlled by PFMEA and  Production Control Plan . This practice allows us to satisfy and respond to our customer needs swiftly and effectively. Regardless of pre or after-sales support, our professional technical customer service team is always on-call 24 hours each working day.